Lindsey is a ceramic artist and painter in New York who graduated from Penn State University with a BFA and post bac in ceramics and a minor in psychology.  From 2014 to 2015 she was the Valentine & Clark Westchester Community Foundation Emerging Artist at the Clay Art Center. Currently, Lindsey has her studio at her home in Ossining, NY where she frequently shows her work at the local coffee shop and restaurants. In addition to her ongoing studio work she is the Project Manager for the national Creative Aging organization Lifetime Arts, based in New Rochelle, NY. She is also an established Teaching Artist, conducting more than 350 classes in the past four years. She continues to teach art classes to the community on weekends and evenings.

Photo by John Asma


Millions of people have chronic illnesses like me and it is why I use my art as a social voice for it. I enjoy creating personal connections with these viewers by using familiar religious symbols and colors found in nature. I have seen my art inspire and provide solace to those emotionally stuck and hurting from chronic pain and poor health. Uplifting and connecting with them is why I create these anatomical self portraits. It is the combination of emotion, research, and icons that results in these dreamlike statement pieces that sit somewhere between allegory and actuality.

Photo by John Asma

© 2020 by Lindsey Miller

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