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I grew up in a very small town called Coudersport, PA and in that town I met an amazing woman named Olga. Her store was a beautiful and magical place for me to visit as a young aspiring artist and there was nothing else like it around. My parents were able to sign me up for a few art lessons from Olga and I simply loved my time there. Olga and her husband John became a part of my extended family coming to my graduation party, me stopping for a drink at Olgas Cafe and Bistro when I am home and Olga always offering to help me with my own work.


Recently the Snyder's have gone through a lot in a short time. Their business suffered a two alarm fire in February this year and as they were working to clean up and save what they can the war in Ukraine broke out.


Therefore I am partnering with my friend and fellow artist Olga Snyder to donate proceeds made from our art directly to Ukrainian refugees, many of whom they know personally. I have created some earrings and Olga has created a beautiful mixed media flag artwork. So far funds have gone to purchasing food & diapers which are in very short supply. In Olga's city and even in Kiev from what we understand the shops only have expensive chocolates and meats, but are lacking in basic needs. %100 of proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian refugees via a private fund set up by John and Olga Snyder. (Olga Snyder-Saving Ukraine)

Please help us help Ukraine!