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Want perfectly spreadable butter for your toast? Then look no further! The butter bell, also known as a butter crock or french butter keeper, or "beurrier Breton" is a two-piece ceramic jar that keeps butter fresh on the counter for about 30 days. The butter goes in the “bell,” which you place in the water-filled crock. The water creates a seal that keeps the butter fresh and clean. This device keeps butter smooth and spreadable for whenever you need it.


Choose from any of the following styles below, all fit one stick of butter.

Blue: 3.5” tall x 4” wide

Green: 3.5” tall x 4” wide

Pink: 4” tall x 3.5” wide

Butter Bell

Please email me first at This item may be in stock at a store front in New Jersey.
  • The butter bell doesn't need much but you should keep it clean! While it can keep your butter fresh for up to 30 days you should change out the water at least once a week. 

    I wash ours in either the dishwasher or handwash.

    When internal temperatures in your home exceed 80 F or more I would suggest placing your bell in the fridge, if not the butter will melt.

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