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"I have been working in New Rochelle for the past 3 years and have learned a lot about the city. The diversity of everyone that lives here, the colors of the Long Island Sound and the fast pace of this developing city come to mind. It's why I wanted the paint itself to ebb and flow across this piece.

The piece was designed by using a process called acrylic flow painting. Each paint color is hand mixed with a silicone based medium to allow the paint to easily pour and glide around together without blending. It thins out the paint almost to a milky consistency without ruining the integrity of the paint colors.


Because of the viscous nature of the paint the piece had to be laid down on its side and I had to work on one side at a time. The pouring occurs by layering the colors on top of each other to create what looks like a target. The target of paint is then swiped over with a large painter's palette to make the paint move across the piece and swirl together. Once one side would be dry I would rotate it to the next side. Because of this you see drips that seem to defy gravity and move horizontally and upwards across the piece."

New Roc City
Intersection of Le Count Pl and Anderson Street
New Rochelle, NY
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