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"A Tiger And A Moth"

I have been interested for a long time in how nature and anatomy interact but just recently I started blurring the line between what is animal and what is human. I often study animal symbolism and the meaning of flowers and I have been incorporating those images in my work for about 5 years. I encourage you to read the artist statement on this piece and continue to think about the symbolism you can draw from the animals and plants shown below and their specific placement.

"A Tiger and A Moth", Acrylic, 36" x 48", $2,400, 2019

It is coincidence that I completed this piece while the rights of women in several states were being stripped away this year. While it was not what initiated this piece it is something I was certainly thinking about when completing it but it is not the meaning behind this piece. This piece is born of personal medical trauma I experienced during a recent appointment.


Lindsey Francis painting her piece "A Tiger and A Moth".

Artist Statement

Women are put in charge of their fertility at a very early age but rarely are we taught how to understand and learn about our body. After a recent IUD procedure gone horribly wrong I now choose to no longer use hormonal birth controls. For 16 of my 29 years of life I had been forcing my body to be something it wasn’t by the overwhelming advice of multiple doctors, OBGYNS and expectations of society. So as I laid in my last appointment being told how ‘strong’ I was in a life threatening situation I decided I would never go back to that moment. A blind trust that I had is now gone and I am better for it.

I have since been educating myself on my body and learning from it. Emotionally I have learned that how we view ourselves can be the most important and life changing belief that we carry. To believe in our strength, worth and value can be an intimidating and powerful moment but it can also protect us. I encourage all women to educate themselves on their bodies and not to turn a blind eye to their health.


Please Share

If you know someone that has suffered or is suffering from chronic illness or medical trauma please share my blog with them. It is my hope to connect with others and show them how art can be a tool for contemplation and resilience surrounding their health.

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