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About Me/My Work

If you read my bio or watched my video you know a little bit about me and some of the overarching meaning in my art. What you don't know is the what/why/how in each one of my pieces. And only those close to me know the larger back story of my health.

Each month I will be taking the time to blog about my experiences living with chronic illness in relationship to my artwork. My hope is that this blog will not only inspire you to create but that some may find answers to improve your own health.

Make sure you are signed up to receive updates on new posts or create an account to leave a comment and ask questions. Most importantly let me know what you want to learn more about!


Why blog about it?

For a long time I have told people that the main reason I create my artwork is because I have a difficult time expressing my experiences in words. Being a visual artist I remember most of my life as images, moments and colors.

Through the years I have been pushed to write about my pieces. Sometimes it has been for other blogs, artist statements, bios, grants, no matter the reason the process has been the same. Uncomfortable at first, I now see it as an important part of the process. Writing about my pieces provides me the time and opportunity to reflect on the importance and meaning of each piece and also allows me to further connect with you.


What does it mean?

My hesitation for blogging about my work has always gone back to one thing. That in a way I want my art to be personal not only to me, but to each viewer. I truly believe that my work will impact and mean something different to each and everyone one of you. It is my hope that providing more background on my pieces will not change the meaning for you but perhaps bring you closer to the work and help answer the question I am always asked, "What does it mean?"


How can you be a part of it?

Send me an email or leave me a comment asking questions about my work, if I'm able I will include them into my future posts.

Share posts with people that might connect with them and let them know they are not alone in how they are feeling.

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